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Creating a horse in Autodesk Maya involves several steps, but here's a general guide:

1. First, create a new project in Maya by going to File > Project Window > New. Set the project name, location, and file structure as desired.

2. Next, create a new scene by going to File > New Scene.

3. Use reference images or sketches to guide your modeling. You can import an image plane to use as a reference by going to View > Image Plane > Import Image.

4. Create a polygonal mesh for the horse's body by going to Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube. Then, use the various modeling tools (such as the Extrude, Bevel, and Cut tools) to shape the cube into the general form of a horse's body.

5. Continue adding detail to the horse's body by creating additional polygonal shapes and using various modeling tools to shape and refine them. For example, you may create separate polygons for the head, legs, and tail, and use the Split Polygon and Merge Vertices tools to join them together.

6. Once the basic shape of the horse is complete, you can add texture and color to the model using UV mapping and materials. You can also add rigging and animation controls to create a fully poseable horse model.

7. Finally, render the model using Maya's built-in rendering engine or an external renderer such as Arnold or V-Ray.

Note that this is a simplified overview of the process, and creating a realistic horse model in Maya will likely involve many more steps and a significant amount of skill and experience. It's recommended that you follow tutorials and practice regularly to improve your modeling skills.


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import maya.cmds as cmds

# Create text
text = cmds.textCurves(ch=0, f="Comic Sans", t="Hello world!")

# Freeze transformations and center pivot
cmds.makeIdentity(text, apply=True, t=1, r=1, s=1, n=0)

# Convert to polygon

# Extrude + ".f[0:{}]".format(len(text)-1))

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